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Canadian Men Rescue Frozen Moose Trapped In Ditch

A group of Canadian men made a special effort last weekend to rescue a frozen moose trapped in a drainage ditch and covered with snow. reported that the men found the trapped moose in the town of Piccadilly on Canada’s Newfoundland Coast. The frozen moose had most of its body covered in snow and could barely move, according to one of the rescuers, Raymond Barter.

“We thought he was pretty much gone,” said Barter.

Frozen Moose Rescue

Frozen Moose RescueTo keep the moose alive, the men put snow in it's mouth and left it a plate of cooked vegetables. They were able to pull the 500 to 600 pound bull moose out using an ATV. Image: Raymond Barter.

But the men rallied together and came up with a plan to keep the frozen moose alive and pull it out from the snowy trap.

Overnight, they put snow in the moose’s mouth to keep it hydrated and fed it leftover cooked vegetables from a nearby neighbor’s Sunday dinner.

“The next morning the only food left was the carrots,” said Barter.

Using an ATV and a strong winch, the men were able to gently pull the moose out of the ditch. It took them about two hours to complete the task, as they estimate the bull moose weighed between 500 to 600 pounds. Once it was freed, wildlife officials helped return the moose back to the wilderness.

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This isn’t the first time Newfoundland men have made headlines for saving wildlife. Field and Stream reported on a story back in November about a couple guys who saved a shark from choking to death on a moose.

Featured image: Raymond Barter

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Canadian Men Rescue Frozen Moose Trapped In Ditch