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Canadian Man Rescues Baby Moose, Takes It to a Coffee Shop [VIDEO]

Nothing to see here – just a man and an orphaned moose getting some coffee.

On Monday evening, Stephane Michel Desgroseillers of Sudbury, Ontario found an orphaned moose that had just been born on the side of the road.

“When she was found she was still wet from birth and she still had the umbilical cord and she was very weak on her knees,” Desgroseillers told CTV. “The wolves would have got to her.”

After failed attempts to release the male moose calf into the woods, Desgroseillers decided to load it into his car and take it to the nearby Walden Animal Hospital.

The hospital was closed, so he brought the newborn moose home and fed it through the night.

On the way to the hospital the next morning, Desgroseillers took the baby moose to Tim Horton’s, a popular Canadian coffee shop.

Keep in mind, a man with a baby moose is not a common sight in Canada – or anywhere else for that matter – so people started to gather.

A woman on the scene captured the video below.

You can tell the baby moose is looking for it’s mother. Desgrossilers said the moose was “the sweetest thing ever, except for the crying,” on his Facebook page.

Desgrosseillers later delivered the baby moose to the hospital, where it is currently under the care of wildlife rehabilitators.

Do you think the man should have rescued the baby moose, or left it alone? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Canadian Man Rescues Baby Moose, Takes It to a Coffee Shop [VIDEO]