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Canadian Hunters Report Strange Sounds From the Sea, Navy Starts Investigation

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Strange sounds being reported by Canadian hunters have been scaring off local wildlife… and now have the attention of the country’s navy.

While many things can prevent a hunt from being successful, strange sounds coming from the sea are usually the least of many of our worries. But, believe it or not, RT recently reported that hunters in Canada have been experiencing just that.

Hunters of the small community near the Fury and Hecla Strait have been describing a sound that they say is originating from the sea floor. A CBC report says the sound is said to be a “pinging,” a “hum” or a “beep.”

While local authorities have yet to determine the source of the sounds, there are plenty of ideas, ranging from mining efforts to even Greenpeace sabotage.

According to local hunters, that area is one of their main hunting grounds, but due to the mysterious sounds, it now sits void of wildlife.

A member of the legislative assembly, Paul Quassa, confirmed the same report: “This summer, there were hardly any [wildlife]. And this became a suspicious thing.”

Furthermore, George Qulaut, a local lawmaker, said that he went to the site to investigate the reports for himself. Despite his inability to locate the sound, he did note the extreme absence of the wildlife typically seen there during this season.

“That passage is a migratory route for bowhead whales, and also bearded seals and ringed seals. There would be so many in that particular area,” explained Qulaut. “This summer, there was none.”

Paul Quassa also reported, “We’ve heard in the past of groups like Greenpeace putting in some kinds of sonars in the seabed to get the sea mammals out of the way so Inuit won’t be able to hunt them,” Quassa said.

Could this really be the source of the sounds? Or could this be something accusing naturally in the sea floor? As of now, the source of the sounds is continuing to remain a mystery.

The Canadian Navy is aware of the noise, and an investigation is underway.

“The Department of National Defense has been informed of the strange noises emanating in the Fury and Hecla Strait area, and the Canadian Armed Forces are taking the appropriate steps to actively investigate the situation,” a spokesperson for the Navy reported in an email statement.

We’ll stay “tuned” for more information about these strange sounds coming from the watery depths.

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Canadian Hunters Report Strange Sounds From the Sea, Navy Starts Investigation