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Canadian Hunters Avoid Animal Abuse Charges for Disturbing Video

A group of Saskatchewan hunters have avoided animal abuse charges for a disturbing video they posted online last February.

In the video, one of the hunters rides a wounded deer as a sled down a hill, while the hunter behind the camera laughs and cheers him on. When they reach the bottom of the hill, the deer kicks its legs; however, it's not clear if it is still alive.

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment was considering charging the hunters with animal rights abuse under the Saskatchewan Wildlife Act, but decided not to proceed, reported CKOM

"After thorough review, it was the prosecution's opinion that there was not a reasonable likelihood of conviction," said Gary Provenchar, of the Ministry of Environment. "So we haven't proceeded with any charges."

Under the Saskatchewan Wildlife Act, animal abuse charges can result in fines up to $100,000.

Back in February, Provencher referred to the video as "disturbing" and requested the video be taken offline as it negatively reflects all hunters.

We included the video, so that you can decide for yourself if it presents a case of animal abuse. We here at WOS certainly think it does.

Do you think the hunters should have been charged? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Featured image via CKOM/Facebook


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Canadian Hunters Avoid Animal Abuse Charges for Disturbing Video