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Canadian Bikers Come to Aid of Lost, Hungry Baby Moose [VIDEO]

Watch this group of bikers help out a thirsty baby moose separated from its mother.

Spring is a common time to come across baby animals that seem to be lost or alone.

This group of Canadian bikers spotted a baby moose during a ride on a road bordered by thick forest. Sensing that it was lost or separated from its mother, the bikers took it upon themselves to help the young moose quench his thirst and leave the danger of the two-lane highway he found himself on.

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With a strategically positioned Gatorade bottle, the bikers were able to provide the moose with an apparently much needed drink on what appears to have been a warm, sunny day. The men then proceed to guide the moose back into the relative safety and shade of the forest.

WARNING: Some profane language can be heard in the video.

YouTube user barryrollerhead52, who we can only guess was the biker filming this encounter, uploaded the video a couple of years ago.

Although this appears to be a group of men helping an orphaned baby moose, caution must always be employed when assisting a baby animal of any species. Oftentimes, the animal’s mother is not far away or will not be gone for long. It is always wise to observe the animal for as long as possible before attempting to interact with it. This especially holds true for a species as potentially dangerous as a full grown female moose.

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If the mother is found to be deceased, then appropriate action can be taken to help the orphaned animal.

There is no telling what became of this young moose, but there is no reason to believe that he wasn’t simply on a little adventure and returned to the safety of his mother’s side shortly after the bikers left the location.

Have you ever had an encounter with an orphaned baby animal before? If so, share your stories in the comments section below.

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Canadian Bikers Come to Aid of Lost, Hungry Baby Moose [VIDEO]