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Canadian Bear Beats the Heat in a Backyard Pool [VIDEO]

How would you feel if you came home to find a bear having a swim in your pool? This Canadian couple was quick to film the experience when a black bear did exactly that.

As the record-breaking heat continues across North America, humans and wild animals alike are seeking out water to cool down in the hottest part of the day.

The bear appeared to be enjoying a soak in the cool water, stopping to lick his paws for a few minutes before climbing out and ambling out of the couple’s yard.

Tony Dearing told reporters he was amazed by the encounter. “You see funny things on YouTube but to have it happen in your backyard.”


Canada has experienced very warm temperatures over the past few months, with Environment Canada issuing heat warnings for several cities across the country.

Bears have been spotted in backyard pools in the United States as well. Only a few days ago, residents of La Canada Flintridge observed a bear visiting several pools in the area.

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Canadian Bear Beats the Heat in a Backyard Pool [VIDEO]