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Canada Is World’s Leading ‘Deforestation Nation’ Unfortunately For Them

Deforestation in Canada has topped the charts.

If you thought Brazil was the world’s leader in deforestation like I did, this probably came as a shock to you. Recent satellite study has revealed that since 2000 more than 104 million hectares of forest have been destroyed. That is three times the size of Germany!

Chris Thies of Greenpeace International states that “every 4 seconds a football field sized forest is lost.”

Large forests play a large part in creating oxygen and reducing CO2 for the Earth. Deforestation emits more CO2 while removing the best way to convert it back to Oxygen. Unfortunately, deforestation is supported by highly profitable markets – gas & oil industries as well as the logging and road building industries.

Image via Wikimedia Commons
Image via Wikimedia Commons

Canada now accounts for 21% of global forest destruction. The world’s last remaining large undisturbed forests are where most of the planet’s remaining wild animals live.

Another unfortunate factor in the mix is the fact that forests can take hundreds of years to rebuild. In Canada, forests take at least 100 years to grow into large and strong ecosystems. Deforestation occurs at a much, much faster pace therefore making this an unsustainable industry and detrimental to the environment.

Were you as shocked as I was? Share your reaction in the comments. 

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Feature image via Earth First

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Canada Is World’s Leading ‘Deforestation Nation’ Unfortunately For Them