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Canada Goose In Ohio Sits On Charred Nest After It is Intentionally Set Ablaze [PICS]

All photos via Sandusky Register

This Canada goose is one tough mother as she sat on a burning nest to protect her eggs; she was burned badly in the process.

Tim White and his daughter Ashley spotted the goose on the burning nest. Tim is a wildlife specialist for Erie Soil and Water Conservation District and sprang into action, filling buckets with water and putting out the small blaze.

“It wasn’t blazing like a bonfire. You could see a little blaze around the nest. She was doing the motherly thing. She was very protective of those eggs,” he said. “She took the brunt of the heat and the fire.”

Cigarette butts were found inside the burned nest in Erie County, Ohio, leading White and wildlife officials to believe that the fire was started intentionally.

“Personally, my opinion, I don’t think it’s an accident,” said Barb Knapp, Eerie County’s humane officer.




The goose and the scorched eggs are at Back To The Wild Animal Rehabilitation Center in Castalia. The five scorched eggs are in an incubator and their future is uncertain.

“When everything caught on fire they would have gotten too hot,” a representative said. “A few of them had scorch marks on them.”


This fire appears to have been done deliberately and the Ohio Division of Wildlife is requesting anyone with information to call them or the Erie County Sheriff Department.


All photos via Sandusky Register

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Canada Goose In Ohio Sits On Charred Nest After It is Intentionally Set Ablaze [PICS]