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Canada Canoeists Save Mallard from Snapping Turtle, But Was it Right? [VIDEO]

Two men canoeing the Seine River in Winnipeg, Manitoba came across a snapping turtle that had a drake mallard right in his jaws so they saved the duck. The question remains: should they have intervened?

Things happen in nature every day that humans don't see. Animals of every kind kill and eat to survive. The issue begins when people intervene with a kindness in their hearts to help a creature in distress.

Here's one case of an animal freed to live another day, and one that will spend another day hungry:

That drake mallard looked to be done for; but in nature, anything can happen. It's possible, considering the small amount of foot the turtle had a grip on, that the duck might have escaped on its own.

Snapping turtles are a tenacious killer and are immensely strong for their size. They will grab and eat anything they can get a grip on, including ducks. Even with a paddle in his face this snapper wasn't going to give up!

Had these canoeists not been there, it's very likely that the duck would have been dragged under and drowned giving the turtle time to eat at its leisure.

The argument is this: should we let nature take its course, or intervene because we feel sorry for the animal that's about to die? There's plenty to talk about here on both sides of the coin.


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Canada Canoeists Save Mallard from Snapping Turtle, But Was it Right? [VIDEO]