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Can You Still Shoot an AK-47 Clogged with Twinkies?

clogged with Twinkies
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If, somehow, your AK-47 somehow manages to get completely clogged with Twinkies, will it still fire? Today you learn the answer.

Okay, first let’s talk about the elephant in the article…how on earth would my AK-47 ever get clogged with Twinkies? We’re going to be honest here, it won’t.

Unless things really go downhill and we are in some kind of post apocalyptic war with the worst pranksters ever, then this is not really something you’ll actually have to worry about. But it’s still fun to speculate and even more fun to actually test these things out.

So what exactly would happen should your AK-47 become clogged with Twinkies?

There you have it. Should, through some quite strange turn of events, your AK-47 get clogged with Twinkies, it will still be able to fire. While it may not be quite as effective as it was previously, it is still quite an impressive feat, and even more so by proving that it only takes about four magazines to regain full functionality.

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Can You Still Shoot an AK-47 Clogged with Twinkies?