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Can You Pass This Instinctive Archery Test?

Take this instinctive archery test to see if you truly are an instinctive archer or not.

Instinctive archery is most prevalent in the traditional archery scene. Instinctive shooters liken their ability to throwing a baseball. After years and years of practice you simply look at what you want to hit and let 'er fly. Fred Bear was one guy who shot instinctively, and shot very well I might add. Instinctive shooters are some of the most talented people to watch shoot and can nail shots others never could.

That being said, there are also a lot of folks who claim to be instinctive shooters that might not actually be shooting instinctively. As far as I know, there is only one instinctive archery test to go through if you really want to find out if you shoot instinctively; shoot in pitch darkness.

Watch this video to see the instinctive archery test in action.

Pretty good shooting. Only an archer shooting truly instinctively could pull something like this off.

Instinctive shooting seems to be a source of pride for archers who have perfected it. As I've mentioned, I would also guess that there are a number of really talented shooters who aren't actually shooting instinctively.

I watched a must-see series titled Masters of the Barebow that touched on this. Many shooters in the video talked about their shot sequence and how they execute their shot. Several of the guys explained that although they didn't really think about aiming, they had either memorized a shot picture and were seeing it sublimely, or visualized the arc of the arrow before the shot. One shooter, Rod Jenkins, explained his gap method of aiming and how over time it becomes almost instinctive shooting.

The point is, you can be a heck of a shooter, not have a real explainable aiming sequence, but not actually be an instinctive shooter.

If you think you might be an instinctive shooter, or know someone who shoots instinctively, see if they can pass the instinctive archery test. Even if they can't, it doesn't mean their any less of a shooter, it just means they are somehow aiming.

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Can You Pass This Instinctive Archery Test?