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Celebrities! They're Just Like Us: Fishing Edition


Here's proof positive that celebrities like to go fishing, too. Now all you have to do is remember their names.

Right when you think that the rich and famous aren't like us us and have a normal life after all... you're wrong!

Even when these folks get outdoors and try some of our favorite styles of fishing, there always seems to be a camera following them, and why not? We can be envious or we can be glad that there are some famous people in the world that bring some more 'press' to angling.

While there are certainly many more that ply our favorite summer time trade, see if you can put some names to these particular actors, singers, and sports personalties.

1. Think funny

celebs fishing11

Kevin Hart

2. Her mom is the former Governor of Alaska

celebs fishing..

Bristol Palin

3. His fans are called 'Beliebers'

celebs fishing7

Justin Bieber

4. He used to hand off to 'Beast Mode', She sings

celebs fishing9

Russel and Ciara Wilson

5. "Pretty Little Liars" actress, and catch and release fisherman

celebs fishing10

Shay Mitchell

6. Remember "That '70s Show"?

celebs fishing...

Laura Prepon

7. Tamed some dinosaurs and saved the universe

celebs fishing....

Chris Pratt

8. Good footwork for club and country, won a 'Spice Girl's' heart

celebs fishing.

David Beckham

9. Son of the previous celeb, and she's an actress and model

celebs fishing

Brooklyn Beckham and Chloë Grace Moretz

10. That guy with the hammer and long locks from the movies

celebs fishing5

Chris Hemsworth

11. Is she fishing or just looking good? Both

celebs fishing6


12. He was 'Lost' but at least he found fishing

celebs fishing8

Josh Holloway

It's certainly good to see people get outdoors and enjoy something that the rest of us all take for granted. Maybe these folks have more money and fame than most of us, but that doesn't mean that they don't care to get outside.

Most likely a good guide service was the starting point for some of these great photos, and with that in mind, you don't have to be a celebrity to share in an experience like these!

Thanks to these fun loving outdoor people for sharing their time and photos with us, and for reminding us that great fishing is for everyone.

All photos via Yahoo


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Celebrities! They're Just Like Us: Fishing Edition