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Can You Handle Your Canoe This Well?

can you handle your canoe this well
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For those of you who consider yourselves to be capable canoers, can you handle your canoe this well?

Most anyone who takes command of a vessel in the water prides themselves on their ability to control it. Whether it's a Naval Destroyer or a single person canoe, as the captain you want to have and be able to prove ultimate control over your ship.

What amount of control it takes to prove that is probably going to be different people, take Reg Blomfield for example, he was an avid canoer in Canada in the 1930s and today we want you to have a look and see if you think you can handle your canoe this well?

Think back to the last time you steered a canoe through the water, how many of these maneuvers do you think you think you could successfully pull off? For most of us it's not very many, but once we get into the dog days of summer we can't think of a much better skill to practice in the heat of the days.

Grab your canoe and head out on the nearest body of water, you never know what you might be capable of.

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Can You Handle Your Canoe This Well?