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Can We Please Turkey Hunt Here? Pretty Please…?


A turkey population like you have never seen before. The toms just keep coming and coming and coming and… you get the point.

Cool, crisp spring morning, dew on the leaves, flowers blooming, and that thunderous gobble from the big tom up on the ridge. Few things in life can top that, and it is hard to explain.

If you love turkey hunting, this video here is going to blow your mind. “Turkey parade” is about the only way to describe it. For as far as the eye can see, turkeys just keep coming. Toms going in and out of strut literally mesmerize you and then all of a sudden the whistle.

Wait for it and watch; you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

When the videographer whistles, the hundreds of toms all sound off with a big powerful gobble. Enough to send goosebumps across every turkey hunters body. The sound is astonishing and a really neat thing to hear and see.

Almost like a band listening to its director, the turkeys gobble at every note, and all you can do it wish you were right there watching with a turkey tag and a gun.

Is it turkey season yet?


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Can We Please Turkey Hunt Here? Pretty Please…?