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Can You Tie a Bimini Twist in 30 Seconds or Less? [VIDEO]

Watch this guy tie a Bimini Twist in 30 seconds, and don't blink.

StokedOnFishing uploaded this quick video to YouTube, and it shows a slight variation from the typical Bimini Twist used by anglers all over the world.

Stan Vanderburg, host of Rod and Reel Radio, has more than two decades of professional bass fishing and consulting experience.

After watching this, you'll quickly realize he's spent quite a bit of his time out on the water.

To get a slowed down and more in-depth look at how to tie a Bimini Twist, go here.

The Bimini Twist is a reliable way to maintain total line strength when attaching leaders to reel line. It's a bit tricky to perfect, but Vanderburg can serve as motivation for all of us to speed things up.

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Everyone knows how frustrating it can be to fumble with line knots while the fish are actively biting. With this technique, you could seriously reduce the time your lures are out of the water.

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Can You Tie a Bimini Twist in 30 Seconds or Less? [VIDEO]