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You Can Print This New Survival Tool with a 3D Printer

Images via Mutant Design

A new 3D-printed multi-tool aims to reinvent the Swiss Army knife, allowing survivalists to pack an axe, a hammer, a fish spear and a grappling hook into a pocket-sized package.

Australia company Mutant Design has released a prototype design for the TwinBlade 360, which customers can download for $6.99, feed into their printer, and assemble to have a survival tool ready in minutes.


The TwinBlade 360 design includes two blades that can move in any direction, complete with spring-loaded locking mechanisms. When folded up, the tool can be implemented as a small hammer and a edge can be used to pry open cans or shellfish. The twin blades can also be locked at an angle to create an impromptu spear, or even placed at a right angle to make a crude grappling hook.

A skeletal frame allows the tool to be conveniently attached to a belt loop or backpack by carabiner, and makes it easier to lash the tool to a stick or broom handle and create a spear.


The design is still in the prototype stage, with further safety and strength analysis required, but early tests are positive. Of course, assembly is required using screws, springs, and glue, but Mutant Design says it is an easy process. Since the design is largely untested though, it’s recommended customers don’t use it as their primary survival tool.

Still, the TwinBlade represents what could be a revolutionary shift in the outdoor industry, signaling that perhaps one day campers, survivalists and sportsmen could print their gear right from home.

Images via Mutant Design


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You Can Print This New Survival Tool with a 3D Printer