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Can a Model Handle Navy SEAL Training? [VIDEO]

Fitness model Lauren Berlingeri attempts to make it through a training course at the Extreme SEAL Experience.

On her show ‘Woman v. Workout,’ she has trained with firefighters, Stihl Timbersports legends, parkour athletes, and rock climbers and done pretty well — so far.

Now she is ready to take on her toughest challenge yet. Watch the video to see if a model can handle Navy SEAL training.


It is no secret that the Navy SEALs are some of the world’s most badass soldiers and their training has a lot to do with that.

Extreme SEAL Experience in Chesapeake, Virginia is run by former Navy SEALs and is designed to replicate their famous BUDS training program. On their website, they ask prospective customers, “Do you have balls?” I’m guessing that Lauren was one of the only customers to answer “no” to this question.

She pushes hard and earns praise from her SEAL instructors, proving that women can be both beautiful and tough. Maybe Lauren could join Eva and Jim Shockey on one of their extreme hunts in a future episode of Woman v. Workout. Until then you can check out more of Lauren at her Youtube channel.

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Can a Model Handle Navy SEAL Training? [VIDEO]