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Can You Identify This Rare Fish Recently Caught in Florida?

What species is this rare fish?

That’s the questions biologists with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation were asking themselves tlast week when they received these pictures of a rare fish recently caught off a Pensacola pier.

“Have you ever seen anything like it? These photos were passed along to our researchers, who agreed that this is ‘a very rare fish, almost unknown from inshore waters,'” Wrote the FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute in a post on their Facebook page.

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Here’s a look at the strange fish caught in Pensacola. It looks like a prehistoric creature, and does not appear to have any fins on its smooth-skined body.


Here’s a view of the mouth. Doesn’t look like there’s any teeth in there either.

rare fish 3

On Monday, the FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute announced the identity as the Ijimaia antillarum, also known as the jellynose. Their skeleton’s are made of mostly cartilage, hence the reference to jelly in their name.

Jellynose are deep-sea bottom dwellers that can be found in warm Atlantic waters. They also dwell in the central and western IndoPacifc region and along the Pacific coast of Central America.

This wasn’t the only rare offshore catch that made headlines this week. A rare lancetfish recently washed ashore on a North Carolina beach. And just a few weeks ago, an extremely rare goblin shark – a fish seldom seen in the Gulf – was caught by a shrimper near Key West.

What’s the weirdest fish you’ve ever seen? 


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Can You Identify This Rare Fish Recently Caught in Florida?