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Can Hunters and Fishermen Use Quadskis? [VIDEO]


Quadskis look really cool, but can hunters use them?

Quadskis by Gibbs Sports Amphibians look like they could be really fun outdoor utility vehicles, but are they something that can be used by hunters and fishermen?

Check out the video below to see what the Gibbs quadski is all about.

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Gibbs claims the quadskis can do up to 45 mph on land and in the water. This could open up a world of new hunting and fishing adventures. While the quadskis are very expensive, starting at about $40,000, they can possibly take the place of an ATV and small boat if used by an individual hunter. They even come in camouflage for an extra $1,500.

Most of us, unfortunately, cannot afford such a venture, but for those who can, quadskis look like they might greatly improve your hunting and fishing opportunities.

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Can Hunters and Fishermen Use Quadskis? [VIDEO]