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Can You Guess the Top 26 States to Tag a Record Whitetail? [PICS]

How does your state stack up against the nation for record-book whitetails?  

The chase for a record buck can be a daunting task. Are you spending your time and resources in the wrong state? The Boone and Crocket Club has shared some interesting statistics over the seasons of 2005-2010.

The first question to be answered for these statistics is, what’s considered a Boone & Crocket record buck?

Well, according to Boone & Crockett, a typical buck must measure 170 inches and a non-typical buck must score 195 inches. Essentially, a Boone & Crockett is considered to be a once-in-a-lifetime trophy.

record book bucks
Big Game Logic

How does your state rank?

1. Wisconsin, 383 entries

2. Illinois, 299 entries

3. Iowa, 224 entries

4. Ohio, 215 entries

5. Missouri, 214 entires

6. Kentucky, 199 entries

7. Indiana, 195 entries

8. Kansas, 181 entries

9. Minnesota, 172 entries

10. Texas, 132 entries

11. Nebraska, 78 entries

12. Oklahoma, 48 entries

13. Arkansas, 40 entries

14. Michigan, 39 entries

15. Mississippi, 39 entries

16. North Dakota, 31 entries

17. Pennsylvania, 26 entries

18. New York, 25 entries

19. South Dakota, 24 entries

20. Georgia, 23 entries

21. Maryland, 23 entries

22. Maine, 19 entries

23. Virginia, 17 entries

24. Tennessee, 15 entries

25 Colorado, 13 entries

26 Idaho, 11 entries

It’s noteworthy that Canada offers some top-notch record whitetail hunting. Over the span of the five studied years, Saskatchewan had 147 entries, Alberta 115, Ontario 41, and British Columbia 19.

These numbers were from 2005-2010, but the higher-ranking states usually remain near the top over time.

The whitetail deer hunting landscape has changed since 2010 though. Some states are handling wildlife management better, while other states are battling diseases and declining harvest numbers.

Will the Midwest continue to be the powerhouse of growing record whitetails?

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Can You Guess the Top 26 States to Tag a Record Whitetail? [PICS]