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Can You Guess These Iconic Gun Sounds? [VIDEO]

gun sounds

Find out how gun savvy you are by trying to name these iconic gun sounds.

There are some gun sounds that just about every shooting enthusiast can quickly and easily identify.

Then there are some others that are a little trickier. All of the gun sounds in this video will sound familiar, but just how many will you be able to quickly name?

Well, how did you do? I’m sure that you were able to at least get the first couple right. If you didn’t do so well, the only obvious solution is to hit the range more and shoot more guns. Nothing wrong with that!

In fact, even if you got all of the gun sounds in the video right, I still recommend more range time. Just call it more practice for hunting season, which is coming up fast!

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Can You Guess These Iconic Gun Sounds? [VIDEO]