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Can You Fly Cast Like a Jedi Knight? [VIDEO]

Some guys can fly cast like none other. Others can fly cast like a Jedi.

I have been fly fishing for several years now. I’ve found it more addictive than any other fishing style I’ve ever tried before. There is just something about catching any fish with a fly rod, the way it has been done since well before Brad Pitt brought it mainstream in the movie a “River Runs Through It,” that really speaks to the nature of what fishing is supposed to be.

The first steps in becoming a fly fisherman, is learning how to execute a decent fly cast. If you can’t cast well, it’s just all uphill from that point. In this video by Marc Crapo, you will see not only a fly fisherman with a good fly cast, but you will see a fly fisherman with Jedi skills when it comes to laying a bug down on the water.


They say you learn something every time you go fly fishing. If you have been fly fishing yourself, you already know they are right.

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Can You Fly Cast Like a Jedi Knight? [VIDEO]