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Can You Find the Ghostblind Setups in These 10 Photos? [PICS]

All images by Brad Smith

There really are Ghostblind setups in these pictures. We promise!

More times than not, fall winds require you to be flexible each and every day on the hunt. When you utilize different Ghostblind setups, that flexibility becomes pretty easy.

All that is required is a little bit of cover, with the wind in your face, and you can effectively hunt deer anywhere.

The following Ghostblind setups are actual setups that I have hunted out of. After the hunt, I just walked out and took a picture of where I was sitting. These pictures are not doctored or edited in any way.

A Ghostblind really is this invisible.

If you have a Ghostblind, or are thinking about getting one, this will give you an idea of how versatile these blinds can be.

1. The old “Ghostblind in the Corn” trick


This is a partially picked section of field with about 20 acres of corn left. The Ghostblind hard to see but trust me, it’s there.

2. Backed in the Corner


This one should be fairly easy for a human. For a deer? Not so much. When choosing your favorite Ghostblind setups, having some good cover on the ground to help blend in makes you flat-out invisible.

3.  Lost in the Trees


It seems every morning around 7:30 a.m., the same 10-point buck crosses this food plot. At least every morning except when I’m there.

4. Where the Green Grass Grows 


What you can’t see is the field of corn behind the blind and the fresh cut corn field in front. This setup is right in the corner where they meet.

5. All in a Row


This field really has no trees to put a stand. However, deer cross this field like crazy because it has CRP on one side, corn on another, then cut beans everywhere else. Putting a Ghostblind right in the fence is the only option.

6. Living on the Edge


Putting a Ghostblind on a corn edge is my favorite of all Ghostblind setups. Deer run these edges and they never know you are there.

7. Higher GroundIMG_2671

Setting a Ghostblind up on a hill gives you a little better viewpoint and still keeps you concealed.

8. Out Here in the Open


Even with no cover to speak of, the Ghostblind creates its own cover just by reflecting its surroundings.

9. Deep Cover


Once again, no cover to hide in, just an open field and a little bit of grass on the edge.

10. Blinded by the Light


People often say that they believe there would be a sun reflection. Well, I’m here to tell you, there isn’t. The angle of the blind will not allow it.

There is still plenty of time this deer season to give yourself an edge, not to mention the ability, to literally hunt anywhere on your property.

Good luck this season! Hopefully it’s a good one for us all.

All images by Brad Smith

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Can You Find the Ghostblind Setups in These 10 Photos? [PICS]