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Can You Find the GhostBlind in These Photos? [PICS]

Believe it or not, there is a GhostBlind in each of these photos. 


The GhostBlind is a revolutionary hunting blind that provides exact camouflage to any and all surroundings that a hunter may pursue their game. These blinds work by using a downward reflective exterior that exactly reflects the ground in near proximity to the blind. Because of this amazing design, there is simply nowhere that this blind can't be placed where it doesn't blend in completely. As you will see, it makes them almost invisible, especially to an animal.

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In the following slideshow, there is a GhostBlind located somewhere in the picture. In some pictures, the GhostBlind stands out. In others, it is pretty hard to find. I set up the GhostBlind in each photo in a position where I would actually use it to hunt deer, turkey, or coyotes. You be the judge and see if an animal could find you, before you find them.

Click through the slideshow and see if you can find the GhostBlind in each photo.

I found that setting the GhostBlind up next to a wood edge makes it easy for a human to find right away; but for an animal, well, good luck.

An animal would walk right by this. I guess it's a bit odd that a tree is growing out of mid-air.

Tall grass is the ticket when setting up a GhostBlind. The reflective sides hide everything. The blind is pretty much dead middle.

Any turkey or deer would walk right by and never know you were there. Most humans probably would as well. In case you are struggling a little too, it's on the right.

Looking for a thicket to place the GhostBlind is a great way to hide yourself. It just makes it look like more thicket.

Can you find this one? Hint: focus on the tree in front.

Remember the movie "Predator?" This blind sort of makes you feel like that.

This one is hard; proving that a GhostBlind literally makes you a hunting ghost.

This one is probably the easiest of the bunch. But I still think animals would have a hard time spotting you.


Just imagine yourself sitting in a row of corn just like this during archery this fall. They would never see it coming.

As you can see in this photo, even setting it up in the middle of the woods with no backing still makes it pretty hidden.

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Can You Find the GhostBlind in These Photos? [PICS]