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Can You Fillet a King Salmon This Efficiently? [VIDEO]

This Captain definitely knows how to use his knife to fillet a King Salmon.

Without a doubt, a fresh grilled salmon fillet is one of my all-time favorite meals. Alaska is well known for both the quality and quantity of king salmon it produces into the market every season.

I’ve never wanted salmon as badly as I did the moment after I saw this video from emelioralia. Think about how fresh it is—the Captain is filleting this salmon while standing right next to the water the fish just came out of.

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As soon as the captain makes his first cut, you can see that brilliant pink color we all know and love. This video made me want to be on that boat waiting next to the flames of an open grill.

Sure, you could give a lot of credit to the knife, but this guy has skills.

Have you ever seen such a well-cleaned salmon? Tell us about your fresh-fish stories in the comments section below.

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Can You Fillet a King Salmon This Efficiently? [VIDEO]