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Can a Deer See a GhostBlind?

Can a deer see a Ghostblind? Here’s your answer. 

If you have ever thought about purchasing a GhostBlind, then you have also asked yourself whether or not a deer can a see a GhostBlind to begin with! By now, you have probably seen photos and a few videos on the Internet of incredibly hard-to-see photos of GhostBlinds in action, but all that doesn’t mean much if a deer can pick it right out.

In these recently created videos by Ghostblind, you be the judge.

Put yourself in the buck’s shoes. If you can’t see the GhostBlind, could it?

Okay, perhaps that was strike one. I didn’t find it the first time I watched it either. How about this one?

That one was pretty hard too! Okay, strike two. One more chance.

Yeah…they are hard to see if they are set up right.

So what do you think? If you are sitting perfectly still behind a GhostBlind, as all hunters should be when a deer is on approach, could a deer see a GhostBlind?

In my opinion, no. It does take a little practice to learn the finer points of GhostBlind placements, but once you get it figured out, you become invisible.

Trust me on this, for this Christmas or just anytime, a GhostBlind would make an incredible gift.


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Can a Deer See a GhostBlind?