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Can You Catch Tarpon on a Spiderman Rod? [VIDEO]

tarpon on a spiderman rod

Who says you need expensive saltwater fishing gear to fish the ocean?

This guy takes a children’s Spiderman rod and reel where none has ever been before!

Do you think he can hook into a huge tarpon on a Spiderman rod?

Absolutely insane! I never would have expected a cheap little spincast reel to hold up that well! How did it not snap in half?

The rig’s toughness seems a surprise to the video’s uploader as well. Youtube user Team Googan commented about the set-up’s performance in the video’s description. “It turns out this setup is WAY more bad ass than I thought,” he said.

He also noted that this won’t be the last time we see the Spiderman rod and reel in action.

I know I’ll never look at these kiddie rods and reels the same way ever again. And now I’m anxious to see what Team Googan might hook into next with this setup!

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Can You Catch Tarpon on a Spiderman Rod? [VIDEO]