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Can Captain America’s Shield Really Kill?

Captain America's Shield

Captain Jerry Miculek heads to the range to find out the answer to the question of whether Captain America’s shield can really kill.

Last week we found out that a full titanium model of Captain America’s shield can actually stand up to the test of bulletproof – the shield was able to successfully stop eight rounds from a .45 ACP. This week we get to find out if it can be successfully used as an offensive weapon to go for the kill.

The titanium model that Jerry Miculek is using is a 12-pound shield that matches exactly that of Captain America. Take a look below as Miculek tries his hand at throwing the shield as a weapon at a ballistics dummy to see what the damage may look like.

After seeing that, I think that the superhero fan inside all of us is trying to figure out where we are going to get a 12-pound shield to test that out for ourselves. While we did expect some damage from the impact, we certainly didn’t expect Captain America’s shield to decapitate anyone. And, like Miculek said, if that’s the damage he can do then the strength of Captain America’s arm will only increase the damage.

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Can Captain America’s Shield Really Kill?