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Can Bulletproof Glass Stop the Almighty .50 Cal?

Don’t get too cocky behind that ballistic glass. Cover and concealment aside the .50 BMG is definitely not to be messed with.

The 50 caliber BMG cartridge is definitely useful for the troops fighting overseas. While the war may be over, it’s definitely not time to put away your sniping skills if you have them.

Often times we want to know how much our bullets can penetrate different obstacles. Luckily thanks to channels like Demolition Ranch, we can definitely be assured of the bullets were purchasing have been put to the test.

Ranging in different sized bullets from the 380 auto to the .50 BMG, this video highlights the kinetic dump theory and displays what the type of force does to the ballistic glass. A lot of high profile celebrities and politicians think they can hide behind ballistic glass and be safe from any threat. Don’t discount the kinetic energy of a .50 BMG.

Definitely loved the explosive penetrator rounds that were used. Just when you think there is an armor kit that can stop any bullet, you are left in awe of what the armor penetrator bullets can do. Keep training, stay safe and know the ballistic limits of the rounds you’re carrying everyday.



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Can Bulletproof Glass Stop the Almighty .50 Cal?