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Can You Do This With Your Bow? [VIDEO]

Can you do this with your bow? We thought not.

Many of you reading this are incredible archers, and can do amazing things with a bow and arrow.

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Whether that be making precision shots, speed shooting, or just being able to consistently hit your mark, many of you are very confident in your abilities. But can you do this with your bow?


I would be willing to wager that 99 percent of us can’t even come close to pulling off a shot like this. There are simply too many things that you have to be good at and be able to accomplish at the same time.

A shot like this requires unbelievable balance, focus, muscle memory, and feet dexterity. Unless these are the types of things you practice for a long time, this type of shot will remain impossible.

While it is very impressive, I will stick with being confident in my ability to stick a deer or turkey with my bow and leave the trick shots to Ms. Dominique Martins.

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Can You Do This With Your Bow? [VIDEO]