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Can You Believe the Size of This Wolf Attacking a Dog? [VIDEO]

Don’t get too close to a wild wolf. Especially when it’s a giant.

Wolves and dogs are like oil and water. They don’t really get along very well.

Unfortunately, a wolf will usually win in a one-on-one encounter. Luckily, this dog’s owner was there to help.

While filming this encounter, things suddenly turn bad. Check out the size of this wolf!

What do you think? That big lodge dog looks like an ankle-biter compared to this throwback-to-the-Ice-Age wolf.

The dog’s owner, Chris Street, posted the video on his Twitter page recently. Hailing from Saskatchewan, Canada, he’s likely used to fending off large predators. But this is an encounter he’s not likely to forget.

Why do wolves dislike dogs so much? It’s believed that a wolf sees a dog as simply another canine competitor. You often see wolf packs killing coyotes or even foxes for the same territorial reasons. One less canine predator means more resources for the wolves.

So what do you do if you encounter a wolf with your dog? The best thing is to heel your dog and stand between it and the wolf, which will usually stop the pursuit. Make yourself look taller, yell, and throw things at the wolf if it continues.

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Can You Believe the Size of This Wolf Attacking a Dog? [VIDEO]