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Can Anyone Get a Gun Through the "Gun Show Loophole"?


Americans have been told that anyone can get a firearm, no background check required, easily via the "gun show loophole." Let's give it a try!

This video makes me happy and angry at the same time.

I'm happy that someone went out and proved--for the umpteenth time--that the so-called "gun show loophole" is a myth. The notion that anyone can get a firearm and bypass a background check via some mythical "gun show loophole" is one of the pervasive deceits perpetuated on the American public by gun control advocates.

Comedian and political commentator Steven Crowder has effectively addressed Second Amendment issues in several humorous podcasts, videos and articles. Here he takes a hidden camera to a number of gun show exhibitors and dealers to see if he can, in fact, acquire a firearm by bypassing the required background check. The results are pretty hilarious.

We see Crowder attempting to convince sellers to forego the required paperwork and background check, but in every single instance he gets shut down cold.

Those of us who attend gun shows, or who simply pay attention to what goes on in the world of firearm ownership, know that the "gun show loophole" is a lie.

But many ill-informed people believe it because, as Crowder says, they "hold this notion for a simple reason: [your] leftist leaders in political circles reaching as high as the White House, say such silly things as 'Guns are easier to buy than books.' A myth which is as true as receiving a college scholarship from the tooth fairy."

Crowder identified three highlights from the experience:

  • Nobody was able, nor willing, to sell us a fully automatic weapon. The lengthy process is described in the video. It's not easy. It's actually really, really hard.
  • The gun show loophole is a myth. What Obama and Bernie [Sanders] are referring to are already illegal practices, as seen by the hilarious reactions of gun salesman at the gun shows.
  • There is no way to purchase a firearm at a qualified store without a background check. It doesn't happen.

His final conclusion, which we all already knew: "Guns are not easy to buy. Guns are so difficult to buy, we nearly got arrested for trying to buy guns the way Obama says people by guns."

I earlier said that this video also makes me angry. While I'm happy anytime the deception and foolish arguments of the gun control crowd are handily refuted, as they are here, I am also angered that we are forced to even address and correct such deceits.

Every time I hear our elected officials or those with influence make such disingenuous statements, like the President did in the clip shown in the video, it angers me. I know that it also angers other law abiding citizens who value and respect our Constitution and the principles upon which our form of government was founded.

In my opinion, we need to continually be ready and willing to fight back against the ideas and dishonest propaganda disseminated by those who would attempt to weaken our rights. I understand that not everyone is able to effectively engage in the debate like Crowder does here, but another way to let our opinions be heard is to simply share videos like this. The way to counter dishonesty is by sharing the truth.

The truth is that the "gun show loophole" is a lie.

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Can Anyone Get a Gun Through the "Gun Show Loophole"?