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Can an AirDog Drone Handle the Extreme Conditions of Pike’s Peak? [VIDEO]

Pike’s Peak is one of the tallest mountains in the lower 48, so AirDog testers felt it would be a great place to test their prototype. 

Edgars Rozentals, Founder and CEO of AirDog, took to a place in the Rockies sitting 14,000 feet above sea level, known as Pike’s Peak in Colorado, for some product testing.

AirDog wanted to find out how well one of their prototype auto-follow drones would do in the extremely windy and frigid cold environment of this commanding mountain, and you’ll be surprised by their findings.


Although this AirDog is a prototype, the testers insist it’s the same size and weight as the fully-tested model.

The evidence speaks for itself in this video, as the AirDog preforms immaculately under the given conditions.

Drones are a great example of how technology is changing hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities. They give users another pair of eyes in the field; eyes that can fly and observe massive distances in short periods of time.

Currently, some states are outlawing the use of drones, like the AirDog, for hunting and other related activities. As drones develop, so will people’s opinions about this controversial piece of technology.

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Can an AirDog Drone Handle the Extreme Conditions of Pike’s Peak? [VIDEO]