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Can a GoPro Camera Defeat a .22 Bullet? Let’s Find Out

GoPro Camera Defeat a .22 Bullet

Would a GoPro Camera absorb a .22 bullet, and possibly save your life? 

22 Plinkster has a GoPro camera as a victim to see is it would deflect a .22 bullet. Here’s what happens when a .22 bullet hits a GoPro Camera.

Could a GoPro Camera actually stop a .22 bullet when fired from a pistol? Trick shot 22 Plinkster decided to try out just how tough a GoPro Camera is against this ballistic threat.

What are the results? Well, the Federal .22 Long Rifle bullets fired out of a pistol did not penetrate the GoPro Camera. Two shots both ended the same and the bullet was actually captured inside of the camera itself.

When you’re out with your GoPro Camera, it is plausible that the bullet from a .22 caliber pistol could be stopped dead in it’s tracks. However, we suggest you not use one as a replacement for a more suitable ballistic helmet.


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Can a GoPro Camera Defeat a .22 Bullet? Let’s Find Out