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Don't Miss These Great Outdoor Gear Deals From CampSaver

Take advantage of these great outdoor gear deals from CampSaver.



Every now and then, we get wind of some outdoor gear deals that we just have to share with you. Right now, our friends over at CampSaver are offering great deals on some of their top outdoor products. Many of the items on this list were selected by Backpacker Magazine as an Editor's Choice pick. Be sure to take advantage of the coupon discount on several of the items on this list.

Click through the slideshow to view 10 great outdoor gear deals from CampSaver.

Baladeo 34 Gram Pocket Knife

The Baladeo 34 Gram Pocket Knife is perfect for outdoorsman looking to lighten their loads in the backcountry. This 8-inch, ultra-light knife is made of stainless steel and coated in black titanium. The partly microdented blade is tough enough to cut through a wide range of strong material.

Helle Dokka Knife

The Dokka Knife is Helle's first folding knife. Each Dokka is hand crafted in Norway. A curly birch handle holds the Dokka's 3.3-inch drop point blade made of triple-layered stainless steel. The blade's non-serrated edge is razor-sharp and designed to withstand corrosion and breakage. The Dokka also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Soto Pocket Torch

The Soto Pocket Torch turns a disposable lighter into a powerful wind-resident torch. This puppy can produce a superfine flame that reaches temperatures up to 2,300°F. The Soto Pocket Torch actually increases the lifespan of a disposable lighter by 60 percent - approximately 20-minutes of burn time per lighter.

Save $3.99 on your purchase with coupon code NEEDIT20.

Zamberlan 230 SH Crosser Plus GTX RR Boot

Comfortable feet make a happy outdoorsman. Keep your stompers comfy and sturdy with a pair of Zamberlan 230 SH Crosser Plus GTX RR Boots. These lightweight boots have a responsive design that offering stability and protection. Additional features include exterior Gore-Tex lining, a Cordura Kevlar upper, Vibram soles, and Zamerlan's patented Z-Comfort Fit insoles.

Take $33.99 of the sale price using coupon code NEEDIT20.

Snow Peak Mini Hozuki

The Snow Peak Mini Hozuki is a small, lightweight backpacking lantern with incredible battery life. 3 AAA's will power this lantern's white LED for up to 180 hours. The Mini Hozuki was also Backpacker Magazine Editor's Choice gear pick in 2013. It's a great portable light source for extended and remote hunting or camping trips.

Use coupon code: NEEDIT20 to take $7.99 off your purchase

Kelty Salida 2 Tent - 2 Person, 3 Season

The Kelty Salida 2 Tent was Backpacker Magazine's Editor's Choice for 2011. This two-person, lightweight tent weighs only 4 pounds. Spread out in 30.5 square feet of interior space and 10 square feet of vestibule space. Perfect for spring, summer and fall camping, the Kelty Salida is a comfortable shelter for your backcountry excursions.

Snow Peak Mini Hozuki

This innovative backpacking headlamp has an ambient light that spans 180 degrees. The Snow Peak Mini Hozuki also has excellent battery life, lasting up to 140 hours. After you've set up camp, use the SnowMiner as a lantern to illuminate your surroundings.

Use coupon code NEEDIT20 to take $9.99 off the purchase price.

LuminAID Solar Light

The LuminAID Solar Light is a foldable, waterproof lantern. Charge it in the sun for 6-7 hours, and you'll have a lightsource that lasts up to 16 hours. The Solar Light is super light, making it easy to store in your medkit or emergency bag.

Use coupon code NEEDIT20 to take $3.99 off the purchase price.

Nemo Nocturne Sleeping Bag

There's nothing like crawling into a warm, dry, comfortable sleeping bag at the end of a day in the bush. The Nemo Nocturne Sleeping Bag has a Spoon Shape profile that's designed to accommodate your natural sleep movements. This sleeping bag features Nemo's DownTek insulation, which keeps you both warm and dry, even in moist conditions. Our favorite feature is the waterproof breathable foot box that protects your feet from condensation and rain on tent walls.

Take $69.99 off your purchase using coupon code NEEDIT20.

Nebo Redline Flashlight

The Nebo Redline Flashlight is a heavy-duty LED with five lighting choices for floodlight or spotlight beams. The Redline's water-resistant and compact design includes a rear glow-in-the-dark button and an aggressive face for self defense. 3AAA batteries will power the Redline for up to 15 hours at 22 lumens and 72 hours at 220 lumens.

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Don't Miss These Great Outdoor Gear Deals From CampSaver