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The Camping Trailer You’ve Always Wanted [PICS]

All Images from Taku-Tanku

Are you as sustainable as you think you are? Think again; take recycling to the next level with this camping trailer made from water tanks.

The tiny house movement is a real thing. People are downsizing all over the country to save money and live more ecologically sound. Being self-sustainable is also a popular way to live right now, and that’s why hunters and anglers are just ahead of their time.

Now they have a way to move around, set up shop, and keep things eco-friendly all at once.

The Taku-Tanku is an ultra-light camper made from 3,000-liter water tanks. They are stylish too, being yellow, and they are connected by a beautiful wooden frame. The floors are made from cypress wood.


This mobile home can be pulled behind your car, bike or potentially by boat.

There are four solar lights on the inside, six small windows and two solar-powered fans.


It can comfortably sleep three people in its 250-cubic-foot space. Right now, the Taku Tanku is only available in Japan, but because of its popularity here in the U.S., the designers are reevaluating the design and will soon have them available in North America.

Ready for a road trip? I have to bring my dog but there is room for one more!

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The Camping Trailer You’ve Always Wanted [PICS]