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Camping Problems Only Campers Understand [VIDEO]

camping problems

If you think back to your first camping trips, you might have encountered some of these camping problems.

Or if you're really unorganized, maybe these still happen to you. No judgment here.

In this humorous video, some potential camping problems are illustrated to help save you the embarrassment and discomfort you are sure to face if you commit these camping blunders. Please take the time to learn from the critical mistakes of others. And get a good chuckle out of their misfortunes while doing so! It's all in the name of learning.

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I hope you haven't faced many of these camping problems, but it's likely you're at least familiar with them. You've no doubt at least seen another camper doing them, and giggled slightly in secret.

The best solution to these blunders is proper preparation. A thorough list while packing the vehicle and leaving yourself with adequate prep time will go a long way in saving you from these uncomfortable situations. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Study up on where you intend to camp. Specifically, look for whether reservations are required, if there are any seasonal restrictions, and what types of facilities are available. Here is a good resource for federal lands and there are many state resources as well, including Explore Minnesota, Texas Parks and Wildlife, etc.

Other common issues to watch out for include forgetting a tarp or rain gear, not bringing the right clothes/sleeping bag for the conditions, or forgetting a fire starter. Being aware of these situations will save you lots of headaches while out enjoying this wonderful past time, so pay attention early!

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Camping Problems Only Campers Understand [VIDEO]