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Camping Makes Kids Happier and Smarter According to Study

A study in Britain proves that kids who enjoy the great outdoors are happier…and smarter.  

A study at the Institute of Education at Plymouth University along with the U.K.’s Camping and Caravanning Club explores the relationship between the outdoors and education. A group of parents and their kids were asked a series of questions relating to “educational, psychological and social benefits of the camping experience.”

The study was run by Sue Waite, Associate Professor at the Plymouth Institute of Education. She found that four out of five parents agreed that camping had positive effects on their child’s education. Waite said;

“Interestingly, the parents surveyed believed camping supported the key curriculum subjects of Geography, History and Science. And actually, that stacks up because the most common camping activities were natural – such as rock pooling and nature walks – where children were getting to understand ecosystems and identify lifeforms, respecting nature and the environment.”

The parents who participated in the study reported that the benefits of camping, and escaping technology, gave their kids more independence and confidence which helped them in the classroom because they could relate with their camping experiences.

The children who participated unanimously reported that the things they loved most about camping were “making and meeting new friends, having fun, playing outside and learning various camping skills.”

Getting kids outside and camping is beneficial for both the child and the parents. While this is not earth-shattering news to most, some need the validation of studies like this.

Britain will soon launch a new campaign linking camping and education, Get Kids Camping, based on these findings.

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Camping Makes Kids Happier and Smarter According to Study