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Camping in a Cinch! Tent is Really a Cinch

All images via Mateja Lane

A way to enhance your tent experience is definitely to take away the tent poles. That’s where Cinch! tents has the upper hand; it is a pop-up!

After camping in a Cinch! tent, one of the words that comes to mind is “luxurious.” Staying in their four-person tent is something close to glamping, glamorous camping. With its double doors, entryways, windows, and enough space to stand up in, this is definitely a tent you’ll want to spend time in.

Oh, did I mention their are no tent poles to set up?

Cinch! tents are pop-up tents. A misconception of pop-ups are that they are cheaply made and flimsy. Not a Cinch! tent. The floors are made up of a sturdy tarp material and the poles are strong but pliable enough to bend into their set configuration for storage.

I took the four-man Cinch! tent out on a camping trip and I was convinced that it was the easiest campsite setup that I’ve ever had.


It took us less than a minute to unfold the tent and shake it out. Once it was up, we staked the tent down because the wind that night was howling at 45 miles per hour, which attests to the strength of the waterproof 4000 HH fabric of the tent. Provided with the tent are stakes, both LED-lit and regular aluminum, mini lanterns (with batteries included), canopy poles, and the round backpack it all fits in.


This isn’t your child’s pop-up tent.


The entryways are this tent’s best features. You can put all your gear in the back one, separate from the main living space. The front one is a covered space we used for the dog food and a place to put our shoes.

Jake Jackson, mastermind behind the Cinch! tents, has obviously thought of everything. This tent has everything you need on a camping trip included, making for a seamless and comfortable experience. You can tell that the extra features on this tent are things Jackson has wished he had on his own camping trips. Like the LED features. Did Jackson trip on camping lines and wish they were lit up at night? Probably. Did he track mud into the tent and wish there was an entryway where he could leave his shoes? Most likely.

The Cinch! tents are well thought out and have simple but genius features.

Although you wouldn’t take these tents backcountry due to their storage, they are the perfect tent for car camping.

When I want the most luxurious camping experience, I will be sleeping in my Cinch! tent.

Get your own two-man, three-man, or four-man tent here. You can also buy their solar pak complete with solar panels and wires which the tents have special ports and coverage for. So then you can live in it.

Cinch! tents have thought everything and I love them. They have changed my camping experience forever.


All images via Mateja Lane


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Camping in a Cinch! Tent is Really a Cinch