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Camping Hack: Tent Peg Stove

tent peg stove

Here’s a funky and easy camping hack for you to try next time you find yourself without a kettle. Make this DIY tent peg stove and pot to cook in.

What if you found yourself out on a hike or camping trip having forgotten your portable stove? Or maybe it just broke? Well, make yourself a quick and easy tent peg stove using three or four metal tent pegs and some aluminum foil.

Simply pound the tent pegs into the ground in the form of a small circle or triangle, with the L-shapes facing inward. Space them close enough together to hold a can of food.

Then, simply build a fire around and under them to heat the contents of your can of beans, veggies, or whatever you might have.

You can also make yourself a small pot or bowl with a sheet of aluminum foil. It should be a substantial enough piece of foil that you can fold it over on itself at least three times. This will help to keep the fire from burning any holes in it and prevent it from leaking.

You can use your fist or a can as a form with which to fold the aluminum foil around. If you use a can you can make the bottom flatter so that it is more stable on the tent peg platform.

This will hold water, which you can boil to purify or cook in. And you can use this more than once if you treat it gently.

There you go! An easy tent peg stove and container to cook in. What other camp hacks can you come up with?

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Camping Hack: Tent Peg Stove