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Camping Hack: Make Your Own Charcoal

make your own charcoal

If you ever thought you couldn't make your own charcoal, you were flat out wrong. 

With a little preparation, a little time, and a whole lot of little wood pieces, you can make your own charcoal to use whenever the time is right. No really, it's actually fairly easy if you know what you are doing.

In the following video, you are going to watch just how easy it is to make your own charcoal to have when you need to light a grill, start a fire, or just because you can and want to impress somebody.

One thing to note: this guy uses an old paint can, and he better have cleaned it out entirely. No one would want to cook over paint-infused charcoal...

Yep. I said it was easy. It's pretty ingenious to check the doneness of the wood chips with a match wasn't it? At that point, an oven bell dings somewhere and you have charcoal! It obviously won't burn at high of heat as real charcoal, but that's just fine. I mean come on! You made it yourself and that is something to be proud of.

Just like the guy said a few times in the video, who really cares how fast it burns out, it's free! Just make more than you think you are going to ever need and you will have plenty of it.

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Camping Hack: Make Your Own Charcoal