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Camping Gear for your Four-Legged Pal [PICS]

Fido won’t have to “ruff” it with this outdoor doggie gear!

Bringing your dog camping or hiking doesn’t require much extra packing. The most important things to keep in mind is keeping Fido safe and secure.

Making sure ID tags are up to date, maybe even adding your phone number right on the collar in case a tag is lost, taking an extra leash or attaching a bell to the dog’s collar are all things to consider when emBARKing on an adventure in the great wide unfenced open.

Don’t forget to pack these eight great outdoor dog gear items.

1. First Aid Kit

The most important item on the list is a basic first aid kit. Small portable ones like this one are easy to toss in a back pack, yours or Fido’s!

Gun Dog Supply

2. Dog Pack

Pockets for the pooch mean a little less for you to carry!


3. Swamp Cooler

Don’t let the hot summer weather keep you from bringing your canine on a hike. The Swamp Cooler uses natural evaporation to keep your furry friend cool.


4. Booties

Taking your dog trekking can be rough on their feet, pack some boots to prevent injuries on sharp rocks and to keep any injuries clean.


5. Water and Food Pack

Water and kibble storage to go with the Gun Dog Food and Hydration pack from Cabela’s. 8 pounds of food and 1.5 liters of water.


6. Bed

The Highlands bed from Ruffwear comes with a stuff sack for ultimate portable comfort. Plus you won’t have to share your sleeping bag!


7. Tent

Don’t forget the “pup” tent!


8. First Aid App

One more thing to consider is a Pet First Aid app by Red Cross, to have lifesaving info for your dog right in your smartphone with quick access to the nearest vets contact information. Available on Apple and Google Play.

Keeping your pooch happy and healthy on your adventures doesn’t take much, they just want to be outdoors with you!


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Camping Gear for your Four-Legged Pal [PICS]