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Campfire Erupts into Fire Tornado with Some Help [VIDEO]

fire tornado

A creative use of fans led to the creation of a shocking fire tornado in what began as a small campfire.

Fire can be a very dangerous and destructive thing. However, it can also be very comforting and beautiful. The fire in this video definitely fits into the beautiful category.

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With 11 simple electric box fans, some folks over at Unallocated Space created a stunning and shocking fire tornado.


The fans are positioned around the fire ring in a strategic fashion to maximize effectiveness. However, this video was not as simple as it looks. It took the creators a lot of hard work and testing to get everything just right and they still ran into some problems. Some of the fans even began melting despite their distance from the fire.

They also put several safety protocols into place to make sure this project went off without a hitch. Needless to say, do NOT try this the next time you have a campfire!

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Campfire Erupts into Fire Tornado with Some Help [VIDEO]