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Campfire Bullet Casting [VIDEO]

Casting bullets over a fire is as old as firearms themselves. Whether you are casting for a cartridge gun or a muzzleloader, “running ball” still works well.

Gun stores are a relatively new invention. If you had a firearm, generally a bullet mold was provided and you were expected to make your own balls.

While we live in an era of convenience, it is nice to step back a bit and make bullets the old fashioned way.

This method is invaluable if you are out on long treks but is just another lesson in self-reliance and a fascinating way to make your own bullets with a minimal set up. Here is how bullet casting is done the old fashioned way:

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Bullet casting is a rewarding process and a testament to the shooter’s education and self-reliance. While you have to deal with more heat and smoke than you would with a production lead melting pot, fire casting has a few benefits.

Fire casting gives you the experience gun owners went through for centuries and the skill is handy in certain situations should you be caught without the refinements of reloading equipment while out on the trail.

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Campfire Bullet Casting [VIDEO]