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Campers Treated for Carbon Monoxide Poisioning After Trying to Cook Inside Their Tent

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You would think the dangers of cooking inside a tent would be obvious.

There are some obvious things you should never do while camping. It would seem like cooking using any kind of gas/propane/barbecue stove inside your tent would be one of them, but one family in England is learning that the hard way. reports five people are in the hospital being treated for the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning after emergency responders came to the aid of a family on a camping trip in Camelford, Cornwall.w

Apparently the family started cooking breakfast last Thursday morning when rain started up. Rather than putting off breakfast until later, or going out to eat breakfast, they did the unthinkable and brought their still-cooking breakfast inside their tent to finish cooking.

"When it started to rain, the barbecue was taken inside the tent to continue the cooking," a Cornwall Fire and Rescue spokesperson said.  "After a relatively short time, two of the occupants became unwell, prompting the call to the ambulance service."

Fortunately, it seems emergency officials reached them before something worse could happen.  "In total, a family of five people were conveyed to hospital by ambulance to be checked for the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning," the spokesperson told

No word on exactly what kind of device the family was using to cook, but they obviously didn't read or care about the warnings and little tags on tents and most barbecue equipment warning about the dangers of carbon monoxide and fire from using such equipment in closed areas.

We really shouldn't have to say this, but using any sort of gas or propane for cooking or heating inside a tent can be extremely dangerous. If it's raining while you're camping, you might have to just settle for a cold breakfast!


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Campers Treated for Carbon Monoxide Poisioning After Trying to Cook Inside Their Tent