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Campers Light a Bonfire...with a Bazooka [VIDEO]

This must be what it's like to go camping with Michael Bay's family.

In this video by CJMoretta, a homemade bazooka, or really, a tube with a bottle rocket, is used to light a camp fire. These hooligans try to light a fire in the most extreme, maybe dumbest, way possible. There are far more practical and safer ways to light a campfire, but you can't do them from 20 feet away.

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When the bottle rocket ignites, the fuel-soaked woodpile bursts into a massive fireball, setting off a nearby car alarm and sending the guys into a fit of joyful hysterics the way only a big explosion can.

Here's the part where I'd normally warn you that this is a dangerous thing you probably shouldn't do, but I think that's obvious to both Wide Open Spaces readers and these guys in the video, but hey, they did it anyway. The guy firing the bazooka even seems to have a bleeding hand while doing this, so safety awareness is probably not his strong suit.

If you're struggling with the matches or flint and steel though, he's got your back. Just be sure to stand behind him if you treasure your eyebrows.

Are these guys awesome, or just insane? Let us know in the comments!

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Campers Light a Bonfire...with a Bazooka [VIDEO]