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Camper Sleepwalks Off 60-Foot Cliff

Kentucky’s Red River Gorge turns into an emergency scene after a camper sleepwalks off a cliff.

According to WKYT.coma camper from Ohio suffered injuries from a 60-foot fall after sleepwalking off a cliff in the Red River Gorge.

The man was camping with friends on a cliff near Grey’s Arch Trail, and rescue crews received a call around 1:15 a.m. last Thursday reporting him missing.

Here’s a video report from WKYT.

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Despite falling into an area with several large boulders and dealing with a head injury, dislocated shoulder and fractured leg, the unnamed Cincinnati man is expected to make a full recovery.

Though more likely to affect children, sleepwalking is not that uncommon in adults. Recent studies suggest sleepwalking occurs in about 15% of children and 2% of adults. In America, that number increases to 3.6% of adults.


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Camper Sleepwalks Off 60-Foot Cliff