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Guitar Playing Camper Attacked by Rabid Bat [VIDEO]

Apparently bats aren’t very big fans of music… or guitar players.

In this clip posted by Skou Videos, a guitar playing camper is attacked in broad daylight by a rabid bat right in the middle of a jam session. This goes to show that animals, not just people, can only handle so much before they reach a breaking point.

WARNING: There’s strong language in the video.

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As reported by a local news station from OregonDerrick Skou was just jamming out on his guitar when the bat attacked.  “Something hit me. I was concentrating on staying in time and all that, and it hit me here, and I kind of saw something out of my peripheral vision. And then it’s there, and then it just bit me.”

According to the story, the bat latched onto to Skou’s shirt and bit him right in the neck. Luckily, the unfortunate campers were armed with a BB gun and shot the bat before it could continue its attack.

Tests did reveal that the bat had rabies, but it’s hopefully nothing a few shots from the doctor wouldn’t be able to handle.

Was the bat angry about the music, or do you blame it on the rabies?  sweep-article-footer-GOPRO (2)

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Guitar Playing Camper Attacked by Rabid Bat [VIDEO]