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Campbox Review: Monthly Camping Gear to Your Doorstep [PICS]

Campbox review

If you love camping and getting new gear then Campbox is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Subscription boxes are beginning to become all the rage these days. Pay a monthly fee and you get a box of goodies or products related to different interests.

Many companies are offering such subscription boxes, but it doesn’t take long to realize that some are only in it for the money.

Then you have a company like Campbox which does subscription boxes the right way. The entire Campbox team is passionate about camping and the outdoors and refuses to place any products in their monthly boxes that do not pass their strict standards.

Campbox review

That doesn’t mean that the Campbox gear testers are simply giving the gear they choose a precursory glance in the office before deeming it worthy of being included.

Instead, Campbox takes gear out into the field and puts it through real-world testing. In fact, they recently spent a week in the Colorado wilderness testing new gear and exploring the outdoors.

This helps to ensure that their subscribers are only receiving gear that will not fail them while camping. That sort of dedication and passion to the products Campbox sends out is exactly what I want to see out of a company before I decide to spend my money on a product.

I was recently sent one of their monthly boxes for a Campbox review and I came away quite impressed by the variety of gear included, the quality of the gear, and the value that the subscription box represented.

For a box that would have cost $35, the one I received contained gear with a total value approaching $55. Campbox is able to offer such a great value by working directly with gear companies and agreeing to deals that are then passed on to the subscriber.

The box that I received had a lot of interesting and useful gear included. One of my favorite items was a water bottle that can be rolled up like an empty toothpaste tube when it is empty. That helps to save a huge amount of space in your pack and lets you carry an extra empty bottle without taking up the volume that a standard water bottle would.

This is a product that I never even knew existed and that really is the beauty of subscription boxes. They can help you to discover new gear or new gear companies that you otherwise might never have heard of.

Campbox review

It was also very obvious that Campbox put a lot of thought into the variety of products in the box that I received.

For instance, in addition to the rollup water bottle, there was also a small jar of water purification tablets. Along with the enamel-coated bowl and cup set came a useful spork, pouch of trail-ready potato soup mix, and several hand-drip coffee pouches which eliminate the need for lugging a coffee pot into the field.

That kind of thought being put into each Campbox goes a long way towards improving the overall experience for the consumer.

The seasons are also taken into account for each monthly box. That way, you won’t have to worry about getting something only useful in the snow in the middle of the summer.

While Campbox isn’t going to supply you with the big gear necessary to have a successful and memorable camping or backpacking trip, what it is going to do is supplement your gear with some very useful items that will most definitely come in handy whenever you hit the trail or the woods.

Campbox review

There are several monthly plans offered by Campbox to fit a variety of customers. Month-by-month plans start at $34.95 per month (use the discount code above to save $10!) with longer, prepaid plans offering lower monthly rates.

Sign up for a three-month plan in advance and you will be paying a dollar less a month. An entire year’s subscription will save you $36 when compared with paying month by month.

Campbox members get 12 boxes a year which comes out to three for each season of the year. Members also receive the benefit of a 10% discount at the Campbox online store and that discount will increase the longer you remain a member.

I highly recommend giving Campbox a try if you love camping and shiny new gear being delivered to your doorstep. The surprise and fun of opening the box each time one arrives without knowing what is inside will reawaken your passion for getting outside.

You won’t be able to wait to try out your new gear every month and you will discover a lot of great new products you otherwise might have missed out on.

Learn more at the Campbox website here.

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Campbox Review: Monthly Camping Gear to Your Doorstep [PICS]