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Camp Compass Academy Needs Your Help!


Camp Compass Academy, an organization that teaches wildlife conservation, hunting, shooting, and fishing ethics to youth, has been selected by Under Armour for its Next Generation Challenge. And the Academy needs YOUR help!

Camp Compass Academy’s mission is to teach youth how to be confident, ethical, knowledgeable and skilled individuals in an outdoor trade. By doing so, the Academy is designed to preserve America’s hunting heritage.

“If we don’t continue to share that message, our heritage of hunting and shooting will become so eroded and stale that it will eventually disappear altogether,” says Academy founder John Annoni. “No children from any area, especially urban areas, will be able to learn about what helped mold previous generations.”

As our population shifts more and more to cities, Camp Compass Academy is founded upon getting youth to love and appreciate the outdoors. Their efforts are designed to “shoot holes in society’s stereotypes” about outdoor game culture by raising a thoughtful and conscientious next generation.

Under Armour will donate $20,000 to the organization that fundraises the most money on their own. It will also donate $15,000 in cash prizes throughout the competition.

Camp Compass Academy gets to keep all of the money it raises (so far 36% of their goal), but hopes to win the competition so that more underprivileged children can receive scholarships.


“We need the outdoor industry, sportsmen and women, every person who loves the outdoors to help Camp Compass Academy raise as much money as possible and win the $20,000 grand prize donation,” Annoni says.

Donate to Camp Compass Academy’s cause here. Any amount will help this fantastic organization preserve the sanctity of the outdoors and our future generations.

Next Generation Camp Compass Academy Press Release



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Camp Compass Academy Needs Your Help!